Dr. Masbah Uddin

Author | Mind Mentor
Holistic Wellness Coach | Transformational Speaker

Dr. Masbah Uddin is one of Bangladesh's young, multifaceted and dynamic doctor who is helping people heal, unleash their potential, and embrace holistic wellness and true happiness through his unique approach. He is also the chief consultant and coach at Dr. Masbah Uddin Consultancy. From the beginning of his medical journey in India, he started wondering why there was a rapid increase in the number of cases related to depression, anxiety, and psychosomatic diseases even after great advancements in medical science and technology. He also observed that patterns of chronic stress, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke are the most common lifestyle disorders, and every day new members join this club. During his working years at KLE Ayurveda Hospital and KLE Centenary Charitable Hospital, Karnataka India, and after interacting with a lot of patients, he figured out the main reasons for the increasing number of such cases that people are not aware of the positive state of their physical and mental health until they get sick.


Moreover, they focus on treating the symptoms of the disease rather than healing it from the roots and preventing its causes. He also noticed that many people are unable to convert their potential into performance despite being well-educated and skilled, just because of neural resistance and mental blocks.

Dr. Masbah Uddin is an internationally acclaimed Mind Mentor and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) master. He is a certified Life Coach and Expert in Lifestyle Medicine, Gut Health, EFT, Hypnotherapy, and Holistic Wellness. His best-selling and most talked-about book titled “UNLEASH THE POWER OF HEALING- Ultimate Guide to Decode Your Mind and Accelerate Inner Healing Towards Wellness" is available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Flipkart, and in Bangladesh as well.

He has represented Bangladesh in many international events since his graduation from the KLE Academy of Higher Education, Karnataka, and the Parul Institute of Medical Science Gujrat, India. Being a Master of public health, he also inspires people to develop a preventive and promotive lifestyle where consideration is given to age, seasons, and climate change through which they can gain invaluable insight into how to modify their lifestyle, detox their body, and install productive habits for better health and wellness.

Dr. Masbah Uddin has consulted and mentored many people from various backgrounds to overcome their mental blocks and unhealthy patterns of lifestyle and achieve their desired goals. He gets to the root cause of whatever your problem is in any aspect of your life. He makes structured adjustments in the unconscious thinking pattern to produce breakthrough results for you.

As a creator of the "Corporate Wellness Blueprint - 10X Your Organizational Growth", Dr. Masbah Uddin aims to help corporate professionals achieve mental wellness, enhance productivity, improve relationships, and accelerate dynamism in their leadership. His signature event "UNLEASH POWER OF HEALING (UPH) - Embrace Success, Wellness, and Happiness" and other special programs offer fast effective results

Dr. Masbah Uddin has been invited by many esteemed organizations, universities, schools, colleges, and corporations nationally as well as internationally to deliver sessions on Mind Training, Lifestyle Modification, Mental Wellness, Growth mindset, Memory Power, Motivation, Focus Mastery, Productivity, and Happiness.



Bridging the gap for wellness solution to life through advanced, integrated and holistic approach.




On a Mission to Empower wellness & transform 100 Million Lives.




Putting clients at the heart of everything we do.
Act from the heart.


Listening to our clients and their families and add values to their needs.
Feel from the heart.



Converting clients setbacks to comebacks, unleash their potential providing cutting-edge leadership resources.
Speak from the heart.


Taking responsibility to create awareness to prevent illness, promote health and enhance holistic wellness.
Perform from the heart

Why You Should Attend DR. MASBAH UDDIN LIVE :


  • Value Based EDUCATION :

    Changes are inevitable but transformation is a choice. Our philosophy is simple. First, we provide you with the greatest transformation: where Dr. Masbah Uddin provides step-by-step proven strategies and tools that you can apply immediately to figure out the root causes of your setbacks, and Heal and transform the quality of your life.

  • Ultimate ENGAGEMENT :

    Information is one thing. Inspiration, the joy of living at your best, discovering your inner brilliance, unleashing your potential, strength, courage, purpose & meaning of life? That's something entirely different. These emotions will drive you to apply what you learn, to create lasting results -Dr. Masbah Uddin delivers that experience via close brainstorming interactions at his events.


    Dr. Masbah Uddin's program empowers you to follow through on what you learn and create unstoppable & unshakeable and fearless momentum. You will not simply learn; you will do. You will live, breathe, and apply tools and strategies until they become part of your identity and discover a new you.